CSIRO – Delivery Partner

ICRI 2024 will be delivered by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO (the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation). With a history extending over 100 years, CSIRO is focused on solving the greatest challenges through innovative science and technology. One of the world’s largest multidisciplinary and mission-driven research organisations, CSIRO works with universities, governments, businesses, industries, and communities worldwide. 

CSIRO has sites located in major city and regional centres throughout Australia, including Brisbane. It also hosts research infrastructures and scientific collections on behalf of the nation, including the Australia Telescope National Facility, Australia’s 94-metre ocean research vessel (RV) Investigator, the Pawsey Supercomputing Research Centre, the Atlas of Living Australia and other facilities. The organisation also works with international partners such as the European Space Agency, NASA and the SKA Observatory to operate major science research facilities.

Australian Department of Education

One of the great strengths of Australia’s research infrastructure is its collaborative nature, which is key to driving greater innovation in the sector. The Department of Education funds the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS), which connects and strategically invests in open access to equipment, online datasets and tools, and technical expertise. NCRIS makes research infrastructure accessible to academic researchers, industry, government, and citizen scientists across the country and around the world.

Australia has a strong history as a partner and leader in international research, and research infrastructure has an important role in developing international linkages and contributing to the production and dissemination of knowledge. NCRIS projects – and other research infrastructure facilities around Australia – drive international collaborations at scales from institutional to government-to-government, and in fields from social sciences to nuclear physics.

Co funded by European Union, CSIRO, Australian Government and NCRIS